Almería – Sun, sea and pitas

Cabo de Gata has always been a destination for photographers, filmmakers, painters and artists of all kind (remember that John Lennon spent some time living in Almería).

The reason? Possibly its colors, the uniqueness of the landscape and the very special light.


If the Eskimo can distinguish among hundreds of shades of white, Cape residents are able to ascertain, with different shades of blue, the full status of wind, tide and waves. The Mediterranean talks here with its colors.

Las Salinas de Cabo de Gata are just at the entrance of San Miguel, a well taken care of environment, with great ornithological value, where we can find many waders like the famous pink flamingos.


Winding up the road from the Salinas to the Lighthouse of Cabo de Gata, we enter another of the great jewels of the park. The Mermaid Reef.

It is the pride of the province, the “Big Ben” of Almeria. If you go to Almería you should not miss it. We could say it is the most photographed spot in the province.


Listening to the sea from the viewpoint is to understand its strength; the shape of the rocks, unique and peculiar, makes your imagination run wild. It is magical. It is an ancient volcanic chimney and even today we can glimpse its remains. It is said that there were many colonies of monk seals living in that area in the past, and sailors, listening to their sounds, confused them with mermaid songs and hence the name of this fantastic place.


Around 28 kms away is the beach Escullos, very characteristic for its spectacular fossil dune surrounding one of the creeks. It is very close to the Isleta del Moro and is very common to see divers around because it has a very rich posidonia seabed and a great diversity of fish.


San Felipe Castle, dating from the time of Charles III, presides over this beach, being a silent witness to many weddings and celebrations that are usually held in the open air. Definitely a place to see one of the best sunrises of the Natural Park.


Almería is all this and much more. Pending are beaches like Rodalquilar, Las Negras, Los Muertos and many corners inland less known by the general public, such as Cela, Lucainena de las Torres or las Menas de Serón, so we will likely return to this province of sun, light, wind and pitas.

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