Gran Canaria – A break in your daily life

I often have the need of travelling, either for running away from a problem, disconnecting from my day by day or simply discovering a new place.

One of these times, I had no one to travel with and I took the decisión of travelling on my own for the first time. At first, I felt some kind of vértigo and even fear. No worries, I said to myself. This is a normal feeling.

Thus, in case you want to get into the world of “travelling on your own” but you do not dare to do it, I encourage you to take this small step that may open the door to a future full of travel and experiences : travelling on your own in your same country.

In my case, I chose Gran Canaria. Such a great choice.

I  planned this trip as an evasion and disconnection trip (I was offline four FOUR days!) I took some days off after a period of high stress at work and my mind begged an scape from my chaotic world.

Visiting Gran Canaria in low season was a wise choice , there wasn’t any goup of tourists begging for all-included buffet  and no traffic jams when reaching any beach .

As I had a limited budget, I stayed at an apartment in the touristic area of “Sonnenland” (much cheaper than any other areas) but that was not a problem as I rented a car for moving from one place to another, trying to avoid the massive touristic areas (though I visited them, of course)

Dunas de Maspalomas

Playa de Amadores

But I was looking for something more authentic, so I moved away from the standard touristic area. I will show you some places that I really loved and were part of my special trip.

Fagagesto, si, es Gran Canaria

I was so surprised when turning right in a secondary road, I found this green landscape and with fatty, wooly sheeps in the middle of the island! I parked at the side of the road and took this pic. I looked for the shepperd but I could not find it. Don’t you find this green scottish-ed like landscape amazing?

Furthermore, I see this sign:


I never thought that there was a “Jacobean Route” in Gran Canaria.

Other place I really fell in love with was Playa de las Nieves, in Agaete area.


There is a rocky formation with the shape of a finger commonly called “God’s finger” just in front of the coast, regretfully, the top part of the rock dissapeared due to a heavy storm in 2005.

Maradona no tuvo nada que ver, o eso dicen...

A good thing to know is that it is possible to have lunch at the “Fishermen Association” (in spanish Cofradía de pescadores). Great food quality with fresh fish at extremely low prices.

Pobre choco, no fue su día....

Going back inland, I truly recommend going up to Pico de las Nieves, where you can enjoy impressive views of the island.



Likewise , I enjoyed a quick dip in Arguineguin, long walks by Mogán port and see the sunset at San Nicolas beach.

I came back with full battery and really satisfied with myself as I had met my challenge: disconnect. Besides, this trip taught me to realice that travelling abroad on my own should not be THAT complicated.

Do you want to know where I went? Stay tuned, outlaw!


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