New York for experts


We are showing New York in this post through a personal view.

This city is the capital of the world, with millions of pictures, videos, comments, articles, guides and all kind of travel material.

We would like to show you  little tips that may make a difference and some low cost recommendations that may help you. C’mon and join us!

Let’s start talking about the accommodation.

New York is extremely expensive to stay, most of the budget can be spent in just finding an accommodation. We would highly recommend to consider Airbnb. As you probably know, it’s a site where people offer their place, a room etc and it operates in more than 190 countries with an extremely competitive price and offering the facilities that any home may offer.

Nick Walker’s graffiti in 7th Ave. Take a took at the parked cars, so that you may get an idea of the huge size of the graffiti
Nick Walker’s graffiti in 7th Ave. Take a took at the parked cars, so that you may get an idea of the huge size of the graffiti

Experiences can be different, but most of the time you can find hosts that can turn your trip into a unique and special experience. Luckily, that was our case and our hostess was a lovely woman in New Yersey. This was perfect. She revealed to us some newyorker’s secrets, some amazing but non touristic spots, and this made us discover something we had never known in our previous trips to the big apple: see New York from New Jersey at twilight, we could see the light, the activity, the life in New York, from the peaceful atmosphere that New Jersey offers, we felt in love with this view.

Supermoon NY

These views are far better than crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. Getting to New Jersey is just a 15 minute bus-ride. If you need some extra info about this, do not hesitate in contacting us!

Some other fantastic view of the city at daytime is Dumbo viewpoint from Brooklyn Bridge Water. We believe that this photo speaks by itself.

isa dumbo

We would also recommend Stardust Restaurant. It’s a place where the waiters are singers who are studying and practicing for getting a part in Broadway, and while this happens they make a living working there. Many Broadway artist started there. See that, while you are having lunch, this happens….

They serve typical American food (sandwiches, burgers, salads, milkshakes…). In our case, we don’t even remember what we had since we spent almost all dinner singing and clapping our hands like crazy with all the hits and the high singing level of all the waiters! You should get there with enough time since there are always queues in peak hours.

Shoppping… well, we spent a long morning for a visit to the famous outlet in New Jersey (you can get there taking a bus from Port Authority) and it was packed with tourists with two or three empty luggages but we didn’t buy many things as we wanted to avoid any problem with our luggage in our flight back to Madrid. As a reference, Levi’s were USD 40, and American designer clothes as Tomy Hilfiger and Donna Karan are a bargain.

Finally, if you are looking for a good jazz concert with average price (we dismiss Blue Note for the insane prize tickets), we highly recommend Smoke.

Even though the music offer is not has high leveled as Blue Note, it is possible to enjoy a nice evening by the candle lights listening to good live jazz music. Reservations are mandatory, and if you want to sit at the tables during the concert, you are obligued to order dinner (main course, sider & dessert, not just a mere 10 bucks salad).

image by

These were just some of the alternative plans we made, we also did many others! Do you want us to help you? Contact us!

Now, outlaw, which alternative plan in The City do you recommend?



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