Sigüenza – Searching the mistery

The alarm clock rings once again and I slowly open my eyes, take a glance at the mobile screen and see that I have some unread e-mails despite that I reviewed it a few hours ago. As I lay up I check my unread messages, and one message takes my attention “Open registrations: Mistery Route

I read completely open mouthed the description of the route, and quite skeptially I forward the message to a group of friends expecting smiles and excuses for the trip proposal .

We will travel by coach from Madrid to Sigüenza with Laura Falcó, Francisco Contreras and Lorenzo Fernández Bueno, for visiting and learning the legends of its catedral, the crypt and the medieval cementery. We will visit an abandoned villaje in the afternoon looking for paranormal activity, mixing mistery and experimentation”

The reactions from my friend did not wait, some of them were thrilled which got the tickets straight away, while some others were quiete skeptical, what are we searching? – they asked. Undoubtedly, our plan was not ignored and I finally bought the tickets as the main plan was spending the day with friends surrounded by a misterious environment.

First stop “Sigüenza Cathedral and medieval cementery

figura 2

The local guide drove us though the hidden places of the catedral, introducing us in a world of cistercian , gothic, rennaisance, plateresque, baroque and neoclassic art and big secrets – which we will not reveal here- but you are hereby recommended to visit the Doncel chapel. We also recommend you to hire a visit to the cloisters and rest of the chapels, they are full of great surprises.

figura 3

Second stop “Lunch”

As in a big family, lunch became a relaxing time for confession and anecdotes where our meal was almost ignored with the great time spent with our friends. …

Third stop “Abandoned village of Tobes” (caves, historical enigmas and paranormal activity)

figura 4

This village is located on the top of a hill; it seemed a lovely village until the sunlight started to dissapear creating weird shadows. As we were under the suggestion of the stories and tales that the guide was relating, the village had become a chilling place to visit.

It was extremely cold when we came out of the cave, the night had taken over the forgotten village, we decided to split in groups and go in search of the mistery with lots of strange devices that captured electromagnetic energy. If it was too much it would be indication that we were not alone. We didn’t lack pendulums that danced rhythmically in the hands of its owners who interpreted the movements, and other devices that we never would have thought could exist.

The scene was magical, the village was flooded with our bright fireflies that appeared between the walls worn-out by time, and small snowflakes wanted to decorate our memory.

figura 5

In short, plenty of anecdotes and lack of words to describe what we experienced on that trip, of course it was different, exciting, scary and we can say that that day we began a diary of “curious” routes around Spain.

Thanks to Enigmas for making this possible, to our charismatic guides Laura Falcó, Lorenzo F. Bueno and Francisco Contreras for showing Siguenza from a different perspective and a special hug to our friends Gema and Javi for being so bold, fun and enthusiastic, we love you!


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