Sigüenza – Searching the mistery

The alarm clock rings once again and I slowly open my eyes, take a glance at the mobile screen and see that I have some unread e-mails despite that I reviewed it a few hours ago. As I lay up I check my unread messages, and one message takes my attention “Open registrations: Mistery Route

I read completely open mouthed the description of the route, and quite skeptially I forward the message to a group of friends expecting smiles and excuses for the trip proposal .

Leer Entrada…Sigüenza – Searching the mistery

Gran Canaria – A break in your daily life

I often have the need of travelling, either for running away from a problem, disconnecting from my day by day or simply discovering a new place.

One of these times, I had no one to travel with and I took the decisión of travelling on my own for the first time. At first, I felt some kind of vértigo and even fear. No worries, I said to myself. This is a normal feeling.

Leer Entrada…Gran Canaria – A break in your daily life

Almería- A morning in the Natural Park

One of the first things that come to mind when you live in Madrid and you think about Almería, a province in the South East of Spain, is “it is far” and “it must be really hot over there…”

Believe us, it is far. And indeed very hot.

However, despite the really poor rail infraestructure, and the expensive airline tickets, it is one of the most valued destinations for domestic turism. And honestly, it is worth going through the 600 kilometres that expand from the capital to the Andalusian province, especially when traveling with friends.

Isleta del Moro
Isleta del Moro
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