Thailand – Massage in prison

It is easy to find  places in Thailand where you can enjoy economic massages, but here, we want to show you a  very special place where the experience will be different. What would you say if you were in a distant country and you were recommended getting to a women’s prison if you are looking for a good massage?

At first, we were shocked and paralyzed but, dear outlaws, we definitely went there since we wanted to see that wih our own eyes. Now in perspective you can say that maybe is not a must – see in Thailand but is quite interesting and pleasant experience.


It is located in Chiang Mai, it is a place where prisoners and ex-prisoners of Thailand made rehabilitation programs. They are instructed  while serving the sentence, but no drama; these women are serving light sencences.

As a result, they begin to build a future by learning a profession and are paid at the end of the sentence, facilitating their reintegration into working life.




There are several centers, there is one where the prisoners are still serving sentences and they will be out in less than 6 months and another center where they have already completed the sentence and are employed. Both places are highly recommended.

They have earned quite a great fame as they are high quality massages and made with great dedication and professionalism. In fact it is always packed. We had to make time due to the long waiting list.

Women are very nice always with a smile on their faces, (though it is easy to see this in Thailand) , excellent and clean premises where every detail invites to relaxation .There is a small store where they offer natural products, creams and balms.

Once you get in, they give you a kind of pajama, you change in a sort of changing room were you keep your belongins in a locker. After the sesion they give you a cup of tea to boosting your circulation. Such an act of courtesy.

If you are planning to get to  Chiang Mai, please spoilt yourself there. At first, we were not fully convinced but at the end,  we were really happy for coming here.

You can see below our reactions while leaving the center. Despite the “beating” that they gave to Alex, my feeling was very possitive. I started my trip to Thailand with a sprained ankle and it was one of the few centers that dare to touch my foot, speeding up the recovery.  It is really obvious that these women are profesionals, taking this job very serious.



Foot Massage 200 baht / 1hr.- 5 €

Traditional Thai massage 200 baht / 1 hr. 5 €

Traditional Thai massage (Full body) 400 baht / 2 hr. € 10

Oil Massage 380 baht / 1 hr., 680 baht / 2 hrs. € 9.50

Traditional Thai Herbal Facial Scrub & Massage 300 baht / 45 mins. € 7.50

Aloe Vera Body Massage 480 baht / 1 hr. € 12


Address: 35 Thailand, Jhaban Rd, Mueang Chiang Mai District, 50200, Thailand

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